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We have a wide range of services performed with the latest technologies and designed exclusively for you.

3D Scanner

The new 3D scanner technology allows the professional to make a virtual anatomical reconstruction of the maxillary-mandibular area, which provides more information for a proper planning of any type of surgery.

Payments Facilities

We offer individualized payment options. We advise you to consult the different possibilities that may serve you in your specific case.

Hospital Care

To avoid discomfort and anxiety, our center offers the possibility of carrying out all treatments under conscious sedation in a single visit. We guarantee that the patient does not feel any pain during the process and at the same time is able to collaborate with the doctor.


In Naveiras Dental Clinic we help professionals improve their training through courses and rotation programs in different clinical areas to acquire greater knowledge and skills, so that they can immediately transfer them to their daily practice.

Our Clinic

Excellence at the service of our patients.

Since 1986, with the object of differentiating ourselves from conventional dental centres, Naveiras Dental Clinic has been growing, evolving and incorporating the latest technologies and advances in the dental world as well as offering the highest quality of preventive and restorative treatments available in the current dental área.

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We offer the best dental treatments with the best quality and high professionalism.

We use the latest technologies in dental aesthetics and our specialists use the most innovative techniques in dentistry and dental implants, to provide a high quality service.

AENOR Certificate

Quality management system.

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) has granted Naveiras Dental Clinic and its facilities the Certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

AENOR aims to contribute to the welfare of our society as a whole. Thanks to the outstanding development experienced by both standardization and certification, many groups find in these activities effective responses to real needs they have raised.

There are more and more norms that refer to direct concerns of large groups of our society. Nursing homes, safety in playgrounds, rural accommodation or dental clinics are some examples.

On the other hand, AENOR supports the development of more than 40 countries through cooperation projects. They are aimed at strengthening their normalization structures and therefore the strength of their economies.

Regarding certification, it makes companies more competitive because:

  • They eliminate the non-quality costs.
  • They improve the knowledge of the processes.
  • They increase staff commitment.
  • They convey confidence to all external audiences.