Dental Implants

Dental implants with a revolutionary new material designed by Straumann

About This Project

A dental implant is a small but strong piece made of biocompatible metals or ceramics. It is inserted with local anesthesia into the maxillary bone in the place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the tooth.

The healing phase 1 takes from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the medical situation of each patient. During this period, the implant is firmly attached to the maxillary bone, this process is called” osseointegration”. Once the healing is finished, the artificial root acts as the basis for the fixation of crowns, bridges of several teeth or a complete dental prosthesis.

Titanium (commercially pure) is a biocompatible metal, non-toxic and well tolerated by our body. The large number of medical uses includes surgical components and implants where high strength and low weight are preferred.

One of its most important medical applications is precisely in dental implants. Implants made of titanium have proven to integrate very well into living bone and can last for decades.

Roxolid®2 is a revolutionary material specially designed by Straumann for its use in dental implantology. It is a stronger titanium and zirconium alloy , much stronger than pure titanium, and has excellent osseointegration properties, a unique combination in the dental implant market.

Your health is a highly apppreciated treasure and Straumann dental implant solutions provide:

– A better life quality
– Comfort and convenience
– Improved oral health and physical appearance

Dental implants in Tenerife

Dental Implant