Periodontal Treatments

Techniques to avoid periodontic problems

About This Project

Periodontal patients are prone to suffer from periodontitis. The bacteria that cause it are always present in our mouth and constantly attack our gums, so it is essential to have periodontal maintenance (or continuous periodontal treatment) to prevent periodontal problems from reappearing.

Once we perform the active periodontal treatment (with scrapes or with scrapes and surgeries) the maintenance phase begins, in order to prevent periodontal diseases from appearing again, regardless of daily hygiene with brush, silk, etc.

In Naveiras Dental Clinic, the most important thing is to make a personalized follow-up of our patients with their maintenance program: the frequency of their appointments will depend on their needs and personal risks of relapse (ability to form bacterial plaque or tartar, ability to control it, type of bacteria, smoking, genetic predisposition, type of periodontal disease).