Brackets Roth Technique

We use latest generation brackets

About This Project

Orthodontics involves much more than teeth, so there are many more different objectives than simple dental alignment. This makes the treatment philosophy encompasses other areas, such as the joint, the muscles, the fase profile, etc. We are looking for a multidisciplinary treatment.

A bad dental positioning often causes headaches, neck and fase pain as well, and we worry about healing these neuralgia with our deprogramming splint treatments and thus be able to give our patients a good joint health.

Keep this in mind:
An orthodontic treatment can be done in two ways:

Only the alignment and leveling of your teeth, that is, dental aesthetics.

Correction of dental alignment and leveling with a functional occlusion. There is a marked difference, not only in treatment goals, but in almost all aspects of this practice. The alignment of your teeth is only aesthetic; Correction of functional occlusion brings medical care from the most basic aspects to the completion of your treatment.

Types of Brackets:

Standard Metallic They are used where control is the main requirement.

Intermediate metal. They provide less control but are useful in cases of small teeth, poor oral hygiene or when control needs are modest.

Transparent or aesthetic. Necessary in adult patients who do not accept the metallic appearance.