Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry takes care of children´s oral health

About This Project

Why are baby teeth so important?
It is very important to maintain the health or our baby teeth. Untreated caries often leads to problems that affect permanent teeth in development.

Primary teeth or baby teeth have numerous functions : they are important for chewing and proper feeding, they provide space for permanent successor teeth and to be their guide in the correct position, and they are also important to allow normal development of the bones and muscles of the mandible. Primary teeth also participate and therefore they affect speech development and contribute to an attractive appearance. While the incisors last up to 6-7 years of age , the posterior teeth (canines and molars) are not replaced until 10-13 years.

Conscious Sedation
There are many children in particular teenagers and patients with fear, anxiety and dental anxiety. This fear can be innate or acquired through bad medical and / or dental experiences of their own, of their parents, siblings or friends.

Is is essential that the patient with fear is treated in a appropriate and humane way, which makes his /her treatment posible without any kind of trauma.

Patients may then develop fear or anxiety with stressful treatments, that is why sedation is indicated to carry out difficult treatments and to prevent disruptive behaviours and traumatic dental situations.