Straumann® Pro Arch Alignment Meeting

Straumann Excellence Center in Pro Arch Treatments

About This Project

A few weeks ago we were invited, as Straumann Excellence Center in Pro Arch treatments, to the Straumann® Pro Arch Alignment Meeting event in Lisbon. It was held at the Carames Advanced Education Center, and in this event we could expose our clinical cases to the rest of the guests.

Straumann® invitation letter:

Dear Dr. Naveiras,

For several decades, Straumann®️ has been a world leader in tooth replacement solutions which restore smiles and confidence. It is part of Straumann®️’s DNA to innovate continuously , challenge the status quo and create opportunities for our clients to deliver better and safer treatment protocols.

In the future, Straumann is taking an active role in developing and promoting solutions to treat edentulous patients. Our main objective is to advance patient-centered care through innovative prostheses and surgical protocols and modern educational programs developed for both doctors and patients.
As you are a world-class expert in the field of edentulism, with extensive experience in various implant systems and surgical and prosthetic protocols, we would like to invite you to join the exclusive network of Straumann®️ Pro Arch Centers of Excellence. By partnering with us, It will help shape the future of Straumann®️ Edentulous solutions to ensure the best performance and aesthetic result for each patient for each treatment.

Join us at the start meeting on January 31st – February 1st, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. The main purpose of this event is to start creating a community of experts and align in our vision and future activities. During the meeting, you will be asked to present one of their completely edentulous cases that best illustrate their philosophy and preferences.

We hope to see you in Lisbon and at the same time starting a long and impressive journey to take edentulous patient treatment to the next level.