Directed by Dr Francisco Naveiras Varela, we are a young and dynamic team formed by highly qualified professionals and in constant training. We want to highlight the latest incorporation into our facilities of digital technology,with the most advanced model of intraoral scanner, which has advantages over the traditional method of taking dental measures with the use of alginate and silicone.

This traditional method is not completely perfect, since it must be repeated several times, it is also cumbersome and uncomfortable for many patients.

The intraoral scanner allows taking measurements of the patient`s mouth without the use of ionizing radiation, having a digital file in STL format with the advantages that it entails.

It is a method which gives us greater precision, so the treatments are more effective.

All this may imply less impact on the environment and is ideal to avoid the nauseous effect produced by the traditional method.

Text extracted from the newspaper Diario de Avisos

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