Naveiras Dental Clinic has reached an agreement with the company Hyperbaric Medicine of the Canary Islands (HDC) located in Parque Hospital. It is a pioneer company that was created to offer medical treatment through the use of hyperbaric oxygen to all patients and athletes who need to recover after an acute or chronic injury.

All our patients will receive special offers if they decide to use these services after a treatment with us . The benefit is a quick recovery of tissues in more invasive cases.

What is hyperbaric medicine ?

Hyperbaric Medicine or Hyperbaric Oxigenation is a medical treatment which consists of breathing 100% oxygen at an ambient pressure greater than atmospheric pressure in order to multiply up to x 22 times the amount of disolved oxygen in your blood and achieve greater oxygenation of all body tissues.

Breathing this pure oxygen at a higher concentration and environmental pressure greatly increases the level of disolved oxygen in the blood plasma. As a consequence, all human body tissues receive an extra supply of oxygen through blood. This extra oxygen supply helps the cells to regenerate in les time, to have an optimal functioning and to achieve a whole series of physical and physiological effects which benefit our organism.

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